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Grasshopper Straight Roof Tension Rafter


Grasshopper Straight Roof Tension Rafter

Exclusive Registered Design

The Straight Roof Tension Rafter has been especially developed to assist the Roll Out Awning, ROA, by stretching the Vinyl canopy at the middle of the Awning. This is achieved by the arm which puts pressure on the Roller, the Tension Arm is a pump action lever. As with the Straight Roof Rafter, this Tension Rafter has been developed with a Sail Track which can be used to hang a wall panel off. The Sunbuster end Wall panel is ideal for this as the shade has a Rope eader which is used to slip into the Sail Track

The Grasshopper SRTR offers benefits which overcome problems users are challenged with on a daily basis:-

1. The SRTR assists in preventing wind flap in the fabric of the Awning

2. Places tension into the fabric of the Awning, this assists in preventing water collection which in the past has caused the stretching and subsequent sagging of the fabric.

Effectiveness of the SRTR

The SRTR becomes most effective when used in conjunction with the Roll Out Awning’s manufacturers instructions. Grasshopper suggests that the owner of the ROA obtain their exclusive set of ROA instructions. Upon reading these instructions the user will realise that a 6:00 o’clock track setting is required, capturing the rainwater behind the roller, with flow off to one end or the other, depending on landfall.

The SRTR has been designed to push the roller forward with its sophisticated pumping handle. It will surprise the user how little pressure is required to straighten the roller Tube, tighten the fabric, and reduce wind flap of the fabric.

Additional benefits of the SRTR

The Grasshopper SRTR is the only roof rafter which has a Sail Track incorporated into its Construction.

Incredibly so (the SRTR has a specialist Sail Track included), the benefits are enormous. Imagine having the capability now to make that additional room without complications.

The Straight Roof Tension Rafter has been designed to push the roller outwards, straightening the Awning Roller, and eliminating the sag of the fabric by placing tension into the fabric



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