Grasshopper Straight Roof Rafter

The Straight Roof Rafter has been developed because of constant enquiry on the following fronts:

  • I want to make a separate room within the Roll Out Awning for when visitors/Grand Children come to stay.
  • I need the provision of a small room outside and under my Roll Out Awning to be used as a Change/storage Room
  • My wish is to be able to bathe outside my caravan and under my Roll Out Awning, in my own privacy
  • My Awning Vinyl is becoming stretched and damaged by my current Curved Rafters. Is there an alternative!

The development of this product has taken place over 3 years, our first investigative batch of rafters coming from
a local supplier. Within months we sold out so we dedicated our efforts to have our Design Registered product
manufactured overseas. The result is our new GrassHopper Straight Roof Rafter (Code: GH SRR). As a first ever we
included a sail track on this style rafter. The rafter is a one size item, and is so designed to make it to be  able to be cut to size. This facilitates mass production and greatly stabilises the price to a reasonably cheap one.

Just remember that any side wall to be installed requires a middle space of at least 200mm, so when fitting the
GH SRR to cut it to size at one end bearing in mind a provision for this space in the middle.

Call us for any Questions as we are the developer/inventor on 1800 472 665 during reasonable daylight hours.

Tip: the GH SRR can be used either end by simply changing the Spigot positions!

Find one where ever Sunbusters are sold

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One size – Easily adjusted

How to fit your Straight Roof Rafter?
Click here to view a guide on how to fit your rafter

Click here to view our Roof Rafter Brochure for more details Or contact the factory on 1800 ISCOOL (1800 472 665), we are always available to discuss your needs and concerns.