Longwalls Roll Out Awnings

The Sunbuster® Long-wall for all Caravans, Pop Tops and Motorhomes with a Roll Out Awning. This is the most popular item in the Sunbuster® range. Fitting into the spare sail-track on the aluminium roller, it provides most of the shade and privacy required by the camping fraternity. Sunbuster Shade is both UV retarding and pleasantly COOL with the heat also vaporised. Additional benefits include water resistance, limited shrink factor of only 2% where as others are 19% (that’s 35cm over a 1800mm standard drop), and you can see out but cant see inwards, that’s privacy. UV retarding has been developed to retard both UVA and UVB. Recently through further research, it has become understood the UVB has the express capability to cause Melanomas. You will notice on Television the increased advertising of suntan lotion Sunscreen Protection Factor, which we commonly refer to as SPF, should be at least 60+. Take it from us, SunBuster Material has incredible UPF ratings (material rating like SPF for humans) which are as high as 99. Become a Sunbuster user and acknowledge these important messages from the Cancer Council of Australia.

The long-wall is available “off the rack” and comes in 11 different lengths and 8 different colours, delivered Australia wide within days. Sunbuster has a size for every Make and Model of Roll Out Awning, many available “off the rack”, just walk in and put us to the test, or telephone us on 1800 472 665.

Review the “How to Measure a Longwall” document at the right hand side for instructions on how to measure. Should you need to call and discuss any aspect its best to have the size already worked out, saves time and expense. For your assistance we also provide a How to Install a
document which takes you through a minor repair to your Roll Out Awning which is required to be done
prior to using the Longwall. Failure to carry out this repair may cause damage to your Sunbuster for which Sunbuster cannot be held liable.

We also offer an online price guide where you can measure, price and purchase your item online. See below for more details.

Measure and Purchase Direct Online?

Important Information

Important: Shade Cloth is good for agriculture (Tomatoes, Ferns, flowers) but does little to benefit your Health and Well Being. Be safe, Be wise, Be cool, only ever use Sunbuster PPC cloth when you are after a healthy safe lifestyle, your children and your skin will thank you. End walls full size vans, end walls pop top caravans, Fiamma End walls,

Have a look at our PPC statement.

Colours Available:
navy-blueNavy blue
jade-greenJade green
gun-metal-greygun metal grey
deep-merlotDeep merlot
sky-bluesky blue

Sizes Available:
From 8ft up to 20ft – Roll out awning length

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Size is Important

Please check your sizing before contacting us,
check out our sizing instructions here or alternatively
call us on 1800 ISCOOL for some helpful advice.