Welcome to Camping Heaven, you have entered the world of campsite one-up-man-ship. Gomats is 1000’s of years ahead of the competition. Gomats lead our development, now Gomats is taking over.

We promote attributes such as Campers friend, Broom-manship, and other words such as durability, Eco friendly, Quality Camping Gear, Camping Gear of excellence and Serviceability with Exceptional quality and performance. Caravan World clearly show that the GO Mat is the Leader in a product comparison challenge during 2013. Safety, quality and durability is the GO Mat way.

One cannot land their aircraft on the GO Mat, but certainly use it to get yourself out of a BOG. The non slip surface is a beauty, and there is no slip-ability by having a twin layer of shade cloth like the others have. Our carpet style mat is the best ever.

Now your Complete Campsite will be just that much better than others. Gomats don’t have rivals or competitors, they stand alone as Australia’s one and only campers friend. Look for one at the campsite, by the creek, on the beach, or under the Roll Out Awning; Gomats will be anywhere and everywhere pretty soon. Keep an eye out for Gomats, a quality Complete Campsite mat. Ask a competitor if “burrs” stick in their mat, oh yes they do! but when you have a GOMat you don’t have this problem.

Contact the Factory on 1800 ISCOOL (1800 472 665) for more details and to place an order.
NO MORE DUST OR DIRT ON YOUR FEET ONCE YOU HAVE HAD THE AFTERNOON BATH, bit of a change from what the others offer.

·         Breathable fabric
·         Retards Groundwater
·         Attractive 2 tone weave
·         Grass friendly
·         Exceptionally hard wearing
·         Rot proof
·         UV Stabalised
·         Easy to clean, just hose down
·         Slip resistant
·         Securely hemmed for strength
·         Regularly placed Pegging eyelets close together
·         Warm finish
·         Free reusable bag
·         Available in lengths 3.5mtr, 4mtr, 5 mtr and 6 mtr
·         ALL GO Mats are 2.5 mtr wide
·         Exceptional quality and performance. Caravan (wider than most concrete slabs)

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There are four sizes, all with 2.5 mtr widths. They come in lengths of 3.5m, 4m, 5m, and 6mtr lengths.