Grasshopper Rafter Storage System (Bag)


Grasshopper Rafter Storage System (Bag)

This is the first commercially produced rafter storage bag. Designed to fit two curved rafters, or the 2 sections of the Grasshopper Straight Rafter, it is made from tough Dacron. The bag is designed to look after your rafters. Each rafter is separated and therefore cannot vibrate, chip or rub during travel. Good quality Velcro is used to close the package, designed to keep the contents tightly packaged and out of harm’s way. The two sleeves are large enough to take the Grasshopper rafter with Stop Flap Clips attached. The Press Release found in the grey section to the right has a concise version of this information.

The bag is adorned with the logo of a Grasshopper (white) to make an elegant addition to your equipment catalogue. How else will you keep your equipment looking great, and in good working order!

Click here for a downloadable Information sheet – “Press Release”

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The Storage system (bag) fits all types and sizes Curved Roof Rafters, Straight Roof rafters, Tent Poles and any similar items. These appliances slip into the pockets with ease.


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