Fiamma Endwalls

Sunbuster End Walls for Wind Out Awnings are used in conjunction with the Fiamma Clip System.

The End walls are full sized and reach from the ground to the Vinyl of the Awning. This Sunbuster shade is used in conjunction with the Fiamma Clip System and forms a water, wind and sun proof connection to the vinyl roof. The shade comes with a specialised rope header which slips into the sail track that forms an integral part of the Clip System. There is no other acceptable way to put shades onto a Fiamma Wind Out Awning. Once you have purchased a set of Clip System bars you won’t know how you have survived till then. Turns your Fiamma into a worthwhile awning, changing it from flimsy into a stable unit. Call us and discuss how your journey can be made more comfortable by phoning the Factory on 1800 472 665.

End walls provide Great Privacy!

Important Information

Important: Shade Cloth is good for agriculture (Tomatoes, Ferns, flowers) but does little to benefit your Health and Well Being. Be safe, Be wise, Be cool, only ever use Sunbuster PPC cloth when you are after a healthy safe lifestyle, your children and your skin will thank you. End walls full size vans, end walls pop top caravans, Fiamma End walls,

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Colours Available:
navy-blueNavy blue
jade-greenJade green
gun-metal-greygun metal grey
deep-merlotDeep merlot
sky-bluesky blue

Fitments Available:
Each end wall is tailor made, before calling please download and read through the how to measure an endwall form to have all relevant information available and then contact us on 1800 472 665

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