End Walls - Full Size Caravans

Sunbuster End Wall for the Full Sized Caravan comes for both ends of the Roll Out Awning. This wall comes with Velcro tabs and Rope header for easy alternative fitting

This Sunbuster is used as an End Wall for Full Sized Caravans and fits both the Front and the Rear Ends of the Roll Out Awning. It comes with Velcro tabs and a Rope header which are used to either attach onto the white awning spreader bar or slip into the sail track of the Grasshopper Roof Rafter.

The Grasshopper Roof Rafter is economical at $99, and recently stop flap clips have been added to the range of accessories to change this Grasshopper Roof Rafter into a dirt cheap stop flap kit.

This end wall is often used as a roof line for a porch to sit under or put the barbie under when it’s that time of the day; great entertaining spot, or sit and read a book under. Although the shade is reversible, this is not desirable because the shade becomes set in-side-out and does not perform to its optimum. Try it for sure, but consider purchasing the other end when the budget allows. It you want to know more contact the factory on 1800 472 665. Should you have young children present at times please consider their health and purchase only Navy Blue, this colour is the best at UPF 99. Like Suntan Lotion you are being advised now by the Cancer Council of Australia to purchase SPF 60, UPF is the equivalent Cloth Statistic.

Reversible, Sail Track, Adjustable, Anti-Flap – Cool

Important Information

Important: Shade Cloth is good for agriculture (Tomatoes, Ferns, flowers) but does little to benefit your Health and Well Being. Be safe, Be wise, Be cool, only ever use Sunbuster PPC cloth when you are after a healthy safe lifestyle, your children and your skin will thank you. End walls full size vans, end walls pop top caravans, Fiamma End walls,

Have a look at our PPC statement.

Colours Available:
navy-blueNavy blue
jade-greenJade green
gun-metal-greygun metal grey
deep-merlotDeep merlot
sky-bluesky blue

Fitments Available:
Front or Rear (Depending on location of Van door)
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