Bag Awning – Cars Awnings for Cars

Sunbuster have been making these car bag awnings since 1996, and know that everyone who has one are totally happy with its performance. Although having a used roll out awning vinyl skin, every other part is brand NEW. By using a Roll Out awning vinyl you experience greatly HEAT reduced enjoyment. The other car bag awnings which use canvas are unusable in the Australian Heat because they just don’t stop/block out heat, and are not really so waterproof. The SunBuster Car Bag Awning performs to what you are really chasing when you purchase a bag awning.
SunBuster use continuous zips which are virtually bullet proof, unlike the chunky type zip which are easily damaged and rendered useless when you loose a tooth. The Zips have double pullers to assist with the ease of use.
Easily fitted in a sail track which is attached to the vehicle roof top cage, standard sizes are available. We also make Bag Awnings to order. Not only are Bag Awnings available for the side of the vehicle, we have Bag Awnings for the rear of the vehicle over the tail gate. This is desirable when you have a Kitchen at the rear; when it rains there is no problem!
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